Food Posters: Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

A kitchen can be decorated in many different ways. The decoration with food posters and prints is one of the most widespread and, at the same time, the easiest way to make the room colorful and get rid of empty and boring walls. Have a look at certain ideas for the kitchen wall décor, which can suit any style of the interior design.

Healthy Food Poster & Art
If you are an advocate of the healthy lifestyle, eat only healthy food and do sport, the appropriate food art may contribute to your further personal development and success. It may motivate and inspire you. You may use the images of a single product or a mix of them as well as more informative posters. For example, you may hang a picture, featuring what vitamins and micro elements certain products have, a food pyramid, a food chart or a table of calories. Food posters with motivational quotes will also look nice in the kitchen. The most important is that the quote you choose really reflects your points of view and ambitions.
Besides the informational and motivational functions, healthy food art looks very beautifully. The images of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts etc are usually very colorful and juicy. Moreover, many food photographers manage to make such artistic photos that they can be freely used instead of paintings. For example, fresh products, placed in the form of a heart, look very sweet and romantic.

Vintage Fast Food Poster
Fast food isn’t the best method of nutrition and, of course, isn’t healthy. However, the images featuring various kinds of fast food can be used in the interior design of the kitchen. Vintage posters look especially nice in this case. You may use the old advertising posters, which used to decorate fast food restaurants, covers from old magazines, retro images or new posters, which are designed in retro style. As real vintage food prints are rather rare nowadays, it’s a very good way out to print an absolutely new poster in retro style. Moreover, in such a way, you will have a wider choice of images.

Fast food pictures are usually very bright and can brighten up the design of every kitchen. Even if you aren’t an admirer of such food, you can treat them as a piece of art and nothing more. If you hang such a poster in your kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you prefer unhealthy food as it’s just a decoration.

Coffee Poster – Tea and Coffee Prints
The number of coffee fans over the world can’t be counted as almost everyone likes this drink. Besides drinking it, people also use its images for the interior décor. The cup of hot espresso, cappuccino or latte, which is still steaming, looks very delicious. Moreover, you may use the images of not only a ready cup of coffee, but of coffee beans as well. The composition can be complemented with some additional things like a cake, a chocolate, a croissant or beautiful tableware.

Though coffee images are more frequently used for the interior design, tea pictures also look very stylish. Tea images look more unique and unusual than coffee and act more soothingly. In addition, they can be complemented with a number of other items, like herbs, cookies, fruit, honey, jam etc. You are also free to use some informational charts about the kinds of tea and the ways of preparing it.
Besides the posters made of photos of tea and coffee, you may also use more graphical images like silhouettes of tea cups, illustrations for coffee shops and coffee sacks as we see above.

Fruit and Vegetables Images
Fruit and vegetables photos suit any type of the kitchen design. They help to make the design fresh and bright. The variety of all possible images is great as all the kinds of fruit and vegetables can be depicted on them. The image may feature a whole fruit or vegetable and a sliced one, a mix of various fruit and vegetables or, even, interesting designs, created with their help, for example, a poster, featuring the slices of lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit. It looks simple, but is very stylish.

Instead of photos, the illustrations of fruit and vegetables can be used for kitchen posters. The illustrations can be made in all possible styles, staring from minimalism and ending with pop art prints. A still life print is one more way to decorate your kitchen. It’s possible to print a reproduction of a still life painting if you can’t afford to buy it.

While choosing a poster for your kitchen, you need to take into account not only the fashion trends, but also the color scheme of the room, its style and, of course, the personal preferences of you and the members of your family. If you make the right choice of a food poster, you will be able to create cozy and unique atmosphere in your kitchen.

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