Make Your Own Mermaid Oasis in 5 Steps

Okay, the web has called it - mermaid stylistic theme is formally a thing! While we're more than excited to escape for clear blue waters and enhancing our homes with undersea whosits and whatsits in abundance, we understand that there's a scarcely discernible difference between the excessively cartoonish mermaid stylistic theme of your six-year-old niece's room and yours. Thus, here to satisfy your fantasies of being a shimmery mermaid AND a developed ass woman in the meantime, we've assembled an otherworldly (yet develop) mermaid room in five straightforward DIYs.

Get me a book and I'm stopped here for the day! Keep scrollin' to see which pieces we DIYed to get this fantastic amphibian look (for adults!) for as little as possible.

1. Scaled Curtain Headboard: Who needs headboards when you can make this simple blind for way less? With 30 minutes and some sheer textures, change your room into a fantastic escape to help you slow down and get some genuine Zzzzz's.

2. False Coral: Coral is the new desert flora, however news streak: Coral is an uncommon, imperiled animal varieties that we probs shouldn't haul out of the sea constantly. Fortunately, you can make your own earth mindful coral out of air-dry dirt (YES the stuff in the child's specialty walkway!) that looks pretty spot on.

3. Vinyl Waves Side Table: Plain glass-best side table, meet straightforward vinyl! Turns out the stuff that spreads office and auto windows makes a GREAT move up to glass furniture, and arrives in an assortment of hues and opalescent completions.

4. Stout Arm Knit Blanket: We wouldn't fret becoming involved with this net. Figure out how to turn rich, super massive yarn into a comfortable toss with simply your own two arms.

5. Mermaid Sequin Pillow: This one is virtuoso and just requires one fundamental material, sequin texture, to make a shimmery emphasize piece and the best time a pad could be. 

WHAT. ARE. YOU. Holding up. FOR. In the event that you call yourself a land mermaid by any stretch of the imagination, get yourself a few supplies and reproduce this search just for yourself in an end of the week or less!

DIY + Styling: Lindsay Saito, Lee Schellenberger + Cassidy Miller 

Photography: Brittany Griffin 

Hair + Makeup: Misty Spinney 

Show: Stephanie Carmassi


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